Muscle Pharm Creatine Review – Does It Work?

Muscle Pharm CreatineDescription

Muscle Pharm Creatine is one of the best Creatine mixes on the market today. On it has a 9.8 out of a 10 point scale for its effectiveness. Creatine is a chemical that is found in the body for muscle strength and enhancement. It can also be obtained from certain foods such as fish and meats. The supplement Muscle Pharm Creatine is used to increase your Creatine status by enhancing uptake and bioavailability. All 5 of the Creatine complexes are absorbed rapidly and directly into your muscles, delivering a range of benefits including increase of explosive energy and overall power. The most common use of Creatine is for improving performance during short high-intensity activities and increasing muscle mass and development for all types of athletes from the amateur level to the professional level. Muscle Pharm Creatine also brings an added benefit for vegetarians who have a low level of Creatine.

One of its biggest advantages for athletes is that Creatine is allowed by the International Olympic Committee, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and professional sports. The NCAA has no plans to ban Creatine unless medical evidence indicates that it is harmful.


Like all Creatines, they all lack taste, and I have to say it is the same for Muscle Pharm Creatine. Our team was not pumped on the taste of it so if you can try to drink it fast. Some people say they can’t even taste it, but for those who can it is not a pleasant one.

Again like other Creatines, it does not mix that well. You really have to shake your drink well to keep it from sitting on the bottom of you bottle. Expect the last part of you drink to be gritty with this stuff.

IngredientsMuscle Pharm Ingredients

Muscle Pharm Creatine has some of the best Creatine mixes on the market today. The ingredient that stands out the most is the Creatine Nitrate. Creatine Nitrate is a new Creatine that absorbs into your muscles more quickly giving you better pumps right away. Furthermore, this Creatine decreases your risk of any side effects.

Creatine HCL is also a top of the line Creatine that is in many pre-workout sport supplements. It is also a relatively new Creatine that was formulized to increase solubility and potency. It is considered the most potent Creatine in today’s market. These two Creatines alone will give you massive muscle gains in the gym. However, Muscle Pharm also contains Creapure, Creatine AAB, DiCreatineMalate, Con-Cret and Cinnulin PF all in which are popular ingredients that help promote muscle gains.

Side Effects

Taking Creatine is a very safe product; however, you need to drink lots of water when taking it because it is designed to extract water from the rest of your body in which can cause dehydration. Creatine may also cause you to gain weight due to building muscle and to the extra water the muscles will hold.

Creatine could also cause minor stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and muscle cramping. Even though it is not proven, try to stay away from taking Creatine if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, and consult your doctor if you are on any type of medicants that can cause harm to your kidneys.


Creatine has a lot to offer for its price. It’s an incredibility cheap bodybuilding supplement that produces great results especially for young athletes. Simply take 5 to 8 oz. of creatine mixed with juice, water, or your protein shake and watch the results you get in the gym. Within the first workout you will notice a difference in your pumps and performance. By the first couple weeks you will see an increase in your muscle development as well.

As a dietary supplement, mix three scoops (5g) in 8 oz juice, water, or your protein drink of choice daily. Drink immediately. To maximize results, drink 8 to 10 glasses (8 oz) of water once daily. A loading phase is not required or recommended with this product.

Value for your Money Cost/Serving

This is one of the best values for your money when it comes to muscle building supplements. You can get 300 grams of Creatine for only $17. This is only a cost of $0.29 per serving (60 servings, 5 grams per). You won’t find any other product that is that cheap and that gives you great results.


Muscle Pharm Creatine does not have the greatest taste, but for the cost you will not find a cheaper Creatine sport supplement that will give you great results. It’s especially attractive to young athletes who want to improve performance for high-intensity activities or events while participating in the International Olympics or the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). This would not be the preferred muscle building supplement for the advance muscle building and fitness enthusiast. However, if you stay to the workouts and use Muscle Pharm Creatine on a regular basis you will see an increase in muscle gain and development.

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